Nerdrage: wccftech Batman Arkam Knight article

Another Meh that was heard around the world... shocking news, nvidia gameworks title has issues with amd hardware.

Not really a story is it, now If it worked FLAWLESSLY then that would be headline news!

Sorry for posting a link to, i agree that they are a terrible, terrible clickbait / rumour website... but I couldnt resist this one, betting it's blown all out of proportion like the witcher / hairworks thing was :P

Checkout the comments on the article, it's hilarious.

here is my one dig at nvidia...

They are going to have to work a LOT harder to cripple performance in DX12 on AMD hardware... but I am confident in their ability to do it :D

Original news from Rocksteady:

AMD has already sent out a driver update:

Though there is this note on AMD's driver website:

Important Note:
AMD Crossfire support is currently disabled for Batman™: Arkham Knight while AMD works closely with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to resolve the issue. An update for this issue will be released as soon as it is available
Known Issues:
[422129] Batman™: Arkham Knight – The application may crash during in game benchmarking or while exiting the game
[422130] Batman™: Arkham Knight – The screen may turn black or pink while changing resolution to 1680x1050.

The only real issue i have with these sorts of posts / discussion is that they, too often (IMO), point the blame at Nvidia or AMD. I really think this is a developer and/or publisher issue as they are the ones who do the calculus which drives the decision to go with an Nvidia or AMD solution for X, Y or Z. No one put a gun to anyone's head, its obviously a conscious decision on someones part.

But if the option never existed then it would never be an issue. Really once Gameworks started to become deliberately harmful, as opposed to a temporary set back (tressFX), people should have instantly stopped all association with nVidia. Same goes for AMD, if they pulled this crap I would just read books.

I have been through companies screwing me over for zero reason at all, not even good reasons, so I would plain quit. I don't need this in my life, neither does anyone else.

But don't let that stop you from buying what ever you like, let these points do that for you: Rant. Please don't necro threads.

If it really were such a conscious decision and Rocksteady and all these other companies really didn't care about making sure that their consumerbase could play their games, then they wouldn't have been scrambling toward release date to make sure their product could work on the third-party's competitor's hardware. I don't think this was a last minute side note - I doubt AMD could have really made drivers for B: AK in a matter of hours (it could be, since we don't know what sort of performance issues the game had or what they fixed). That would mean that as soon as Rocksteady knew they had a beta product, they contacted AMD because they were having issues with their cards. They probably only posted the updated specs last minute because they hadn't heard anything from AMD and thought they wouldn't be releasing drivers on time.

If that were the case, both NVidia and Rocksteady would have parts of blame, Rocksteady for choosing Gameworks (which they have in the past for their other games, so it's probably more of a point of comfort for them and expectation), for not letting the consumers know about the issues sooner, and NVidia for being anti-competitive enough to hide their proprietary functions not only from their competitors but even from the developers that they are "hired" by.

There's no benefit to the consumer when they do this. I don't think that the functions Gameworks supplies are necessarily special, that they're done and able by many developers already, but because it's proprietary and "hidden" the companies that use it can't fix their own problems, and NVidia is the only one who really benefits from it at all. Maybe NVidia pays developers a lot to use it. In that case, both NVidia and the developers are greedy, selfish, and not trustworthy.

All I'm saying is that it was obviously a conscious choice on the part of the developer to use Game Works. You can't blame nvidia for creating technologies or ways of implementing technologies that run better on their stuff.

The brass tax, for me, is that regardless if you use propriety technologies or not (I would prefer not) the onus remains on the developer and or publisher to ensure that the fame runs well on a variety of systems.

Always blaming nvidia just seems like default excuse for most everyone when these things happen.

Either way I hope this gets squared away so people that want to play can.

I fail to see the point in releasing a game to pc and capping it at 30 fps. What they are really saying is we haven't even tried to do our job. We didn't even try to optimize it and some suckers purchased it anyway.

Quick port report: B: AK performance is nothing surprising in my opinion. Pentium K + R9 270X 4GB at 1080p yields a constant 30fps in the city with the occasional stutter, and up to 60 fps in some places (this is with the fps lock in the config file bumped up to 60). The game itself looks beautiful. omg the textures and lighting, the water isn't placid, I haven't noticed much in the way of low quality textures without looking too closely. All the menus and new toys to play with makes it feel like a honorable sequel to B: AC.

Complaints: the hair looks oddly transparent, most obviously with the Oracle, no doubt thanks to Gameworks. Graphical settings are about as minimal as you can get. Mouth animations are disappointingly simple for this level of graphical fidelity. I've noticed a couple of collision glitches with the cape, and with takedowns of certain models, but nothing to get up in arms about.

Oh yeah, and the no loading screens claim has pretty much been true, as far as I could tell. There were a couple of black screens when it jumped from cutscenes and whatnot in the beginning, but it's all been smooth transitions from what I could remember (this is running off of an HDD, too).

Pc gaming is getting so bad I almost want to sell my 2.5k rig and get a fucking PlayStation this shit has passed the point of retardation.

You me both.

I'm sick of reading this crap. I can pick up a playstation for ÂŁ250 and never worry again for the next 3 years about any compatibility issues / gimping of old cards and competitor cards.

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The lip sync has always been a problem of the series. It's like anime quality lip sync. The only characters that stand out from the series was Joker, he had quite an animated lip in Arkham City.

Yeah but you then have to deal with massive overheating to the point of board warp and package desoleder and Sony bricking your system with mandatory firmware updates.

Personally I would rather a PC where I have control and can just avoid bad developers.

Didn't know about those issues. Still got a ps3 from launch (2006), ps2 slim and I would still have the ps1 if the 2 wasn't backward compatible. Shame to hear they've taken a nose dive. I'll wait and see anyway, I've got money to spend with no set budget, but I don't want both and don't want something to start to lose performance in a year with driver updates, when consoles should get increasingly better performing games.

These are both issues that happened to me, both on PS3. I have a original day one PS3 60GB, the one with the card reader and PS2 support, that is the physically damaged one. I also have a slim, the middle one not the tiny one, that was killed a few months back with a mandatory update. I cant evn get to the recovery menu to format it or reinstall the firmware.

Consoles are a joke. PC ports are a joke. Buy games made well and made for the intended platform.

Another shitty Warner Bros. port with shitty Nvidia GameWorks performance killer. I can't help buy laugh at and pity people that pre-ordered this game after what happened with Mortal Kombat. "But they wouldn't repeat the same mistake twice" and "But this is Rocksteady" seem to be the usual excuses for these people. Jesus fuckin' Christ PC gamers can be really naive sometimes. Year after year they give their money for no fuckin' reason for a game that hasn't even come out yet. What's the point of pre-ordering digital goods? At least Steam has a refund policy now. As long as they're aren't dumb enough to play the broken game longer than two hours. I've seen a lot of negative Steam reviews that were below 2h play time. I hope that at least some of those people asked for a refund.

Not how it works. GameWorks is proprietary tech. Which means that you can't use it unless you have a contract with Nvidia. Which means that the publisher makes the decision.

Do you have a source? To the best of my knowledge the contracts that exist for the use / licensing of the proprietary software have never been released or made public in any game works "case." Besides, i named the publisher has equally responsible in my two replies in this topic and continue to standby my statement that regardless of whether they use property technologies or not the developer has a responsibility to make sure the game is playable across the board.

This game isn't nearly as bad as MKX was. That game could barely even run. This doesn't have any "unreachable content" or anything like that. The game runs at a mostly stable 30fps with an occasional stutter (on an AMD card, no less), looks great, no texture issues (that I can tell), no sound issues, I even turned on the Gameworks settings that it let me turn on and it still runs stable.

Beyond that, I can say that 3 hours into the game the story is fantastic. It's even more dynamic than the last game. Maybe everybody's just upset because they can't get good combos.

Not only is the performance bad on amd hardware, but the team who ported the game over to PC was Iron Galaxy studios; a team consisting of 12 people...who have a track record of console and mobile development and nothing on the pc side of things.

Woah, that's kind of nutty.

Are they going to be doing the Linux and Mac ports to be released in the fall as well? A team of people working on DX11, DX12, and OpenGL/Vulkan ports for the same game, with no experience... That sounds like a good idea. Hold on, let me write that in my good ideas list.


I shall probably get it on the ps4, that way...

amd 1 nvidia 0