Needing Feedback -- Software Engineering Build

Hi Level1Techs!

Budget: $1000-1300

I’m looking to build a new machine, primarily for software engineering work with some gaming. I recently graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with B.S. Computer Engineering, and I’m about to start working while pursuing a masters degree in Computer Science.

Additionally, I do have a dell r710 with 72gb RAM for linux c++ software development that I use, so I wont so much need 64gb ram in my machine, i’m thinking that 32gb will be sufficient for a while to come.

Currently Have: all peripherals & monitors, 500gb nvme, hard drives, and ssd’s.

I’m looking at the noctua nhd15 versus the AIO watercoolers, having had an h100i in the past, I’m thinking about getting a high-performance air cooler instead.

My idea:

cpu: ryzen 2700x

cpu-cooler: Noctua NH-D15

ram: corsair vengeance lpx 32gb (4x8gb)

psu: seasonic focus 850w gold

motherboard: Asus Crosshair VII

gpu: open to recommendations within the <500$ range. Used okay!

case: Fractal Design Define R6

A good air cooler will have the advantage of falling silent at low load (set CPU fan to 35% while under 35°C temp). The problem is they need a cool air supply.
Silence focused cases (like the Define series) are not that well suited for air cooling. Having a more open case and just having the fans ramp up when the CPU hits 40°C (or 45) will probably result on less noise.

CPU and mainboard look good
can’t say much about RAM on Ryzen (despite having a 1700X and 2600)
The PSU is overkill unless you plan to run two gpus.

thanks for the feedback! I’d like to stick with a higher wattage PSU to have more flexability for future use and upgrades

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Yes sir I’d definitely like to prioritize “silence” in my machine as noise can be rather distracting for me, do you have a preferred high performance water cooler AIO that is reliable and also silent ? I don’t care so much about the RGB hah!

I would suggest you keep the NH-D15 and change the case for one that allowes the components to breath more freely. The gpu needs cooling too.
The less corners air has to take, the less noise there is.
Video on the subject:

TL;DW: Get a case that does what you need and has good reviews, then get some quality fans and spin them down.

Suggestions to look into:
Silverstone RV04
InWin 303
LianLi O11 Dynamic
Phanteks Enthoo Pro M

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Everything else looks good in terms of CPU, MOBO and RAM. I’ve been running my 1700 with 3200MHz CL15 RAM since the beginning and it works great. Like @MazeFrame said the PSU is overkill but if you do wind up getting a second GPU it’s good to have the option.

As for the GPU you can easily get a Vega 64 for less than $500 now and it should be more than enough for what you are looking to do. Might blow your budget a little bit but I’m just going with what you are looking for.

Good luck!

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the system you have listed will probably be ok
with coding there are many different levels of which use different configuration scenarios.
for instance digital animation requires a good graphics card for display. a large amount of memory for rendering and a decent sized temp storage to handle overrun.
app development requires less gpu power but can require more cpu speed.

noise wise! many people tend to be more sensitive to coolling system noise and will tweak the fan speeds instead of using an enclosure. (I prefer enclosures because they also protect against dust)

as the others have said your psu may be overkill but with the possibility of future upgrades its not necessarily a bad idea.