Needing a new motherboard

Need a new motherboard to to replace my terrible Gigabyte UD3P. Rest of my 2 year old system is still running fine, just this one piece has been horrible since I bought it.

Looking at

Can anyone recommend me a better product for about the same price? I'm a pretty bad Asus fanboy, hence why I chose that product. I just need something I can get my 2500k to a good overclock without boot looping and other stupid issues. ?

i dont realy know what your affer but this might work

I'm looking for a board that I can stick my 2500k into (1155), that I can overclock my i5 without having boot loop issues, overclock my memory better while not having stabilitiy issues. I'll never buy a gigabyte motherboard again.

I haven't looked at that brand due to speculation of crappy capicitors.

How much are you trying to overclock it before it gets unstable?

A good board is only part of the equation when overclocking.

Up to 4.7 on the i5 and 1600 on the memory. Memory is XMS3 @ 1333. I'll probably keep the processor at 4.5 most the time though.

I love Asus, I would go for the board your looking at.

well im realy doubting that those cheaper end boards like that Asus P8Z77-V-LK with only 4+1 powerphase,. can handle such extreme overclockts..upto 4.7 GHZ. i think you will need a higher end board to do that.

im thinking in the direction of the Msi Z77 mpower. which can deffanetly handle it. ☺ But that cost arround $190 or Asus rog series. or Sabertooth but those boards are more expensive then the Mpower.

Grtz Angel ☺

Price isn't an issue just a consideration.The reason Im looking at that particual Asus is due to people having luck with an overclock of that capability . 

Thank you for your suggestion. Ill look at that MSI.