Needed advice on Pc

Hello to all and all options are welcome and needed. Getting really confused on the which GPU to get would like advice on a high to middle end video card.. my understanding is that the right video card will lower my rendering time and the wrong one will increase so your help would greatly be appreciated 

1st off these are the parts I already have

I will be using:

Sony Vegas 12, Adobe Premier, Aftereffects and Photoshop 

I would also like to do a media share form this computer as well an possibly some HD Recording

Son might also do some gaming on this when he is home from college

Thanks to all for taking the time out to help me.



What Adobe suite are you using? If you're using CC go with an AMD card because OpenCL acceleration is better than CUDA in CC, but in CS6 and below, it's not supported.

Vegas can use OpenCL acceleration as well, so again AMD cards will be better.

What's your budget?

I'm Using CS6  ...Some times even flexisign pro 10

budget 400 but if the amount of time rendering will be decrease a lot i might go more but if there is little difference in time than i might go even lower and get more much needed hard drives

If you're planning on upgrading to CC any time in the future, then this card will be better. It's also better in Vegas - 

If you're going to stick with CS6, then I'd get this card. But it is the worse of the two in Vegas -

If you're not going to be doing any gaming, then it might be worth looking into workstation cards.

Thank you. just wondering why you steered away from the EVGA GeForce GTX

EVGA make great cards. I just went for the lowest priced decent 770 I could find.