Need your advice on this part list

CPU: Intel i5 4670K

CPU Cooler: Noctula NH 14

MOBO: Asus MAximus VI Hero

Memory: Corsair Vengence 8GB (2x 4GB)

SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 120 GB

HDD: WD Caviar Blue 1TB

GPU: EVGA GTX 780 Superclocked ACX 3GB

PSU: SeaSonic 850W

Case: Fractal Design Define R4

Optical Drive: Basic ASUS CD/DVD for approx $20

Operating System: Windows 8.1


Need your advice the budget is approximately $1600 and as of today, PC Part Picker has the build at $1511.

Besides listing your new part list please explain to me why you made these changes and the benefit. 


Looks pretty good to me. Psu might be overkill if you dont plan on sli. Might double check measurements on your cpu cooler just to make sure there is room or clearance for everything?

If i get these parts I will save up and get another 780 in the future, feel with games pushing 2GBs+ of VRAM the 780 in SLI would be better, the budget could of fit 2 770s in SLI from the start as well

Go with the 780.  Single GPU configurations are so much nicer to start with.

This build is very good. The only thing I can say "bad" about it is that the parts are premium parts are you are paying premium price for the top quality... not to say that this is bad at all. If you have the money, I would say get a i7, or the GTX 780 ti. This setup will run 780 SLI just fine, but this could be overkill unless you are pushing high resolutions. What monitor are you using?

I think by the time a GTX 780 TI starts to become "slow" in new games at 1440p or 1600p you can just upgrade the graphics.

That said, two GTX 780's are very powerful also. Let alone a single one.

Here is a system that is $1632 that will still overclock decently and has a lot more. You sacrifice 2 things though. It will is a lot more expensive if you want to SLI, and it it won't overclock like the asus motherboard and noctua cooler.

That said, your system has all very high quality parts and will overclock awesomely.. unless you get really bad luck with your chip.... but quality control is very good with processors.


Very solid build, just a few suggestions:

- Ram 2x8 instead of 2x4

- SSD > A wee bit bigger, I feel that 120 GB is just not enough...There are always very good SSDs on promotion at Amazon/Newegg/NCIX...

Fractal R4 :)> The case that I am transferring all my systems to, except for the E servers, and the new Haswell E (will have to find a full tower for that).

The R4 is the perfect case, the build quality has no rivals...Great choice.

CPU Cooler > Perfect :)...The NH15 is out, BeQuit Dark Rock, and the Silver Arrow are almost as good...Avoid Corsair's 'water cooling solutions' at all cost (garbage is more accurate), the biggest regret I ever had. The Noctua, and the other towers will work seamlessly for years.

- A much bigger HDD, or two 2GB ones. Believe me, you'll need the space.

- GPU > Don't like EVGA...Buy a 780 Ti from another vendor, much faster and generally not much more expensive (again use the promotions at your favorite online retailer).

 Aside from my personal suggestions, your build is very solid, and well though-out.


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