Need upgrades for recording dayz

so i have an i5 3570k with no overclock yet..... 660ti, 8gb ram 1600mhz with black drive...... main question what will help me keep smooth game play and record. I am looking at using shadow play will overclocking help? looking at adding another 660ti and possibly a hard drive option if that would help any input would be awesome!

You can only save the last 20 minutes of gameplay with ShadowPlay.  If you want to record longer periods OBS is the best way to go, IMHO.


you can record as long as you want with shadow play and also have an option for a hot key to record the last 20...... the program doesnt matter just looking for the "best" set up to record with is recording to a SSD better then a HDD id assume yes but if its just as simple as using the best GPU out and im good then thats what i will upgrade but the 660ti doesnt cut in for Arma or dayz lol 



Buy a capture card. A dedicated portable capture device. It would be best to take any load off the CPU. Anything on the ARMA engine is quite CPU intensive, and going into cities kills the frame rate.

Should also note that performance will increase during the active development. The game is only in alpha. Even my i7 and 780 have trouble with DayZ.

so outside of building a whole new computer lol, and i know the game is alpha and should get better optimized over time and im not looking for 120+ fps just looking for a good 45+ while recording which i wanna say while recording will cap it to 30fps any way 


Your computer is fine. You might want to upgrade the GPU to have a higher graphics fidelity in DayZ, or other emerging games. However, the game will still lag in built up areas such as Cherno - it happens to everyone. But, a capture card will take any stress of recording away from the CPU, to allow you to attain the highest possible performance. The i5 is perfect for DayZ.

might be something to look into if the was profit in it, just a hobby have a lot of fun events happen and would like to share them some times vs just telling about them but thanks will start looking for a new GPU lol 


Fair enough. If you're looking for a free software solution, I am not too knowledgeable about that. I was just making that suggestion because the level of performance in DayZ is not optimal for recording, currently.

There's no reason to record to an SSD.  The main thing is that you're recording to a second drive.  I have an SSD with my OS and programs on it, a second drive with my games, and a third as a scratch drive for recording and editing.  If you're recording at 60Mbps, that's roughly 7.5 MB/s.  Your HDD is more than capable of that.