Need to get some graphics card loot back

Let’s play what should I do. I have a bunch of old and new and don’t know what to do. Won the overpriced newegg lottery twice now with a MSI 3080 on the way.

  1. 3770k with a gtx 670, is working for my fifth grader.

  2. old laptop, working for the 3rd grader.

  3. old dell I shoved a board powered 750 ti in to run a tv from 2007

  4. 8700k paired with an EVGA 2070

  5. AMD 3700X on a B550 paired with a 6700 XT OC

  6. A RTX 3080 GAMING Z TRIO 10G LHR on the way

Something has to go, I have enough power and cases. Wondering about the pairings. Is the 6700xt oc and amd processor going to benefit from the combo software? Is the 12 gigs worth it over the 10 on the 3080?

There are no specific games, current performance/future proofing.


Personally I would start the hand me down process… each system gets the GPU upgrade passed along until the oldest, least powerful is retired (or thrown in an unraid box in my case lol) everything wins

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