Need to find a specific program that willl do the

Sry lol im asking for help again for a friend.
He wants a program that can displays the desktop over a live chat with like skype or something liek that
Anyone has a good program that can do that?
Any help with be greatly appreciated xD

Skype has screen share built in which he can use to share his screen with everyone in the conversation.

Just go to the box where you type in your text > Share > Share your screen > then select if you want fullscreen or a selecte area to be viewed.

OR if you want to control his pc vice versa, get teamviewer
super easy to use.


third thaT 4 ME, i love theamviewer, i only had 1 screen so thats how i transfered all my files to my new computer.

teamviewer includes:
presentation (desktop/active window viewing)
file transfer
computer controlling (for helping out others... or scaring the shit outa them)
and a vpn (me and my friend tested it and it connects around 350-450kb/s)

TeamViewer (Y)