Need suggestions on my first RTS

Hey everyone, I've recently thought about trying an rts. grey goo caught my attention as people labeled it as a slower paced game (maybe easier to learn? idk) or should i get sc2 ? (sadly these are the only 2 i know of). If you have any suggestions about these games or other ones lemme know. Thanks 

The first two RTS games I started playing were Age of Empires 2, and Dawn of War: Dark Crusade.

I think they helped me get better at RTS games, although I am no master. Dark Crusade is a pretty straight forward RTS that could help you get a feel of what things are like. 

ok cool, ill check it out

Might want to have a look into the Command and Conquer games as well. I know there was the complete pack released not that long ago which had the entire series included for not very much.

will do, thanks

I have played Starcraft ladder since it first came out and have been playing Starcraft 2 ladder off and on for the past few years. The community is pretty decent, the campaigns have great stories, and gameplay is unparalleled in the RTS genre. I also bough Grey Goo on release and I have to say its basically Command and Conquer done right the menus make gameplay really smooth the AI is smart and the races work together in really interesting ways in multiplayer. I would also recommend Age of Empires 2 HD, Red Alert 3, and Sid Meyers: Beyond Earth, and Shogun: Total War if you want to give turn based a shot.

command and conquer 3 + kane's wrath are the best of the cc's, i still play them today on skirmish.

Currently playing grey goo but it is the least interesting of all the games I am currently playing.

Starcraft 2 is a must, seriously sweet game.

You can't go wrong with WarCraft 3 + Frozen Throne.

dune 2000

Warzone 2100 - it's free and has MP.

0 A.D.


I am partial to the Total  Anhilation and Supreme Comander Games. I lkie not having to micro manage the economy as much.

Planetary Anhilation is a ton of fun as well because You get to fight planet to planet  And there is nothing more fun than strapping a bunch of rockets to a moon and flying it into someone's planet.

Another vote for supreme commander, that game is f*cking awesome

Homeworld Remastered is coming out soon and HW2 is probably my favorite RTS of all time. Wouldn't recommend it as the very first RTS to play because I could imagine it having a steep learning curve if you've never played any RTS game at all.

The C&C series has always been the easiest to learn in my experience, C&C Generals is probably the easiest RTS ever to learn and if Acidskull is right with Greygoo being much like C&C but with a better interface then that is likely a very good place to start.

Total Annihilation, Starcraft and Warcraft 3 soaked up so much of my time...


I don't know if it's really an RTS but I really enjoyed World in conflict and ground control.

Command and Conquer: The First Decade..... it is like $30 bucks right now I think, and it comes with like 12 games.

I would not suggest Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander as a first RTS unless you are trying the shock treatment method. Both of those games might lack the resource micromanaging issue, but the sheer scale of them and managing massive armies fighting on multiple fronts is a large task for someone new to the genre.

It was C&C for me. Great game.

Grey Goo just came out and I've been playing it for a while. I reccomend it because it's slow like C&C and it maintains race asymetry similar to starcraft. It's also beautiful, has an amazing soundtrack, and has an amazing campaign.

haha yea i saw TB post that and i think it is what got the ball rolling :P