Need SSD help, RAW format

Hi today I bought a Samsung 850 512GB SSD and plugged it in, and then tried loading Windows 8 on it, but it gave me an error which wouldn't let me. So I tried Windows 7 and it gave me the same error, I Googled the error and it mentioned my file type for the SSD should be NTFS. I had reformatted all my drives before I bought this expecting it to be a breeze but it obviously wasn't. I installed Windows 7 onto my HDD and it was fine, and the SSD only shows up as a local disk. Earlier on I tried to format it to NTFS but I waited about an hour and it didn't pass 0% so I just force shut down the rig.

At the moment it is at this status: Basic-RAW-Healthy (active, primary partition)

How will I be able to turn this into my main OS? I can't do anything with it. Thanks in advance.

Goto disk management and delete the partition so it goes from raw to partitioned and then you can reformat as ntfs. Hope This helps