Need some tips :)

Hello, I need some tips on what type and some potential parts on my upcomming build. This particcular machine im planning to use on botting a game with multiple clients (5-15) open at the same time, so lets say that's alot of stress going towards the cpu. Also I need alot of memory for few clients to run. I have no expiriance in building PCs so I need some help. My budget is not that high, so I think ill go with AMD. please post any ideas. thanks in advance :)

idk which games and clients you talk about.?

it would be nice if you could give more details. about which games, and what budget.

alright, so the game is World of Warcraft, gonna run from 5 to 15 clients, the game itself isnt that stressfull for the graphics coz I use tool wich disables all the grpahics (Rendering disabler), but the bot (Honorbuddy) is stressing cpu alot (working constant on 100% on my current i3 3240 with 5 clients and 5 bots). Dont really know what my budget is at this point, rather I want to know what components could I get for what ammount of money if I go with something that could run all that (without any lags ofc, coz bot needs 30fps on each client to work propperly) in background while I'm surfing these awesome forums :D

Oh, your one of THOSE guys. If you plan to world PVP with this setup you are an evil person. 

for games like wow, an intel cpu is much better.

grab an i5

@UnholyKing haha, true dat, but I'm planning to bot, not multibox :P

@MisteryAngel But I need something that can handle the load and so its on budget (aiming for amd) :P