Need some suggestion from your experience

Well hello i was looking to buy some new headphones after my cheap 40$ headset broke . After i watched some videos with the 200 to 1000$ range i was pretty convienced to invest a bit more . I found a cheap blue yeti and the only thing remaning now is a new pair of headphones . So from this range i was more in to the Akg k612 pro's , the beyerdynamic 's 770 - 990 but still dont know whats differnce they gonna make in games . Also the sennheiser 598 ,558 . But all reviews i saw talked about them in terms of music .My 90% use of them will be in competitive fps gaming so i will need your opinion based on your experience with one of those headphones to make my final decision on which one to get .

I have a pair of AKG K702s and they're slightly more linear than the K612 Pros. I really like their sound in game and for music. You can hear absolutely everything going on around you. Even though they are linear sounding, explosions give the same effect. The only problem is that you can hear when a game has used sub par audio.

Listening to music I use Foobar's equaliser to give them a little more bass.

I'd recommend the K612s but can't say anything for the other sets.