Need some HTML help on school project

its nothing fancy, but i've had to make a series of buttons and banners for part of a ict gcse, and for whatever reason they wish us to present it on a website. and my question is: i have a "navigation bar" with a series of buttons like any other, but the buttons are part of the same graphic. i want one of the buttons, when the mouse is over it, to dropdown a list of other buttons (Another graphic), im using dreamweaver CS6 and if you can help that would be awesome. (it would hopefully be like the dropdown when you hover over "MAIN" on teksyndicate, but a straight dropdown as wide as the button)


what your talking about requires a script, not just html or css. your going to need to find or write a script in php or javascript to make the menu. I think the menu appearance would be controlled by css. I've never used scripts, so I'm not sure exactly how you would do it.

- i can quite easily break up the image to have the image and back banner if nessesary (but i realise that might just make more problems etc) - and is there anyone who could get me such a script? or would it require something more?, to be honest if i have to go through and do script for it i can just do something else, its just the dropdown for a A*, but at gcse it doesent matter too much, great gcse ict courses...

A good place to learn: Writing the actual code is a lot easier than working with DreamWeaver for me. DreamWeaver might be great but its not nearly as fast or as clean as a well experienced programmer with a full grasp on the code he/she's writing.

before I start, Ive gotta say, google ads works well...

I got this as an add, you might want to check it out, I dont know whether its what youre looking for though.

im using dreamweaver as its what im told to use, and for the live display, i am coding it by hand. thanks dentheman, that looks very promising! :D


i modified a lot of code from here when designing a website with a dropdown navbar. enjoy.

To answer your question there are a bunch of different ways to do this. The most basic is with CSS and HTML since there are so many resources you can find a bunch here.

I am sorry but I had to do that. I learned web development this way and it's pretty much the only way if you don't read books. You are half way there to learning on your own you are asking the questions which is good but you need to ask the quesion on google first and you will more than likely find a resolution to your problem... I would recommend trying code stuff without a wysiwyg. Dreamweaver is a good web IDE but its super expensive if you're just using it for an IDE. If you're on windows I would recommend notepad++ which is a fantastic program to code your websites. :)