Need some help!

How to overclock this stuff:  .

It is running by default on 1333Mhz. My goal is 1600Mhz (which is its selling specifications) but 1st time I only raised my Dram Freq at 800Mhz and other options were on auto. Current settings are at 1.5V, 9-9-9-24 @ 1333Mhz. Last time I raised freq my loading times weren't constant on games like LoL and Planetside2.

Using m5a78L-m Lx and fx processor.

What to do to clock it properly but not kill it or something.

Start out by manually raising the clock speed to 1600 by pressing the numpad + key.

In addition to that, manually set the voltage at 1.5v, this is because when you overclock the motherboard will want to increase this as well, possibly too much (I've blown 2 motherboards this way after I purchased some crap RAM). Setting it at 1.5 will keep it from doing this.

Restart your computer and see if it's stable.