Need some help real fast

Ok I have a media center PC and I went to move it yesterday and when i went to turn it on it just turned right back off so i said "Ok must be that this 7 year old PSU finaly gave out" so I switched it to a new Corsair builder 450W 80+ bronze PSU and went to turn it back on and it turned on this time but woudn't post all that happened was the motherboard just keep beeping over and over again and it wount boot or even post for that matter,the PC is a HP pavilion elite M9452p that I got for free when my Grandfather passed away,it has brandnew DDR2 800mhz ram in 8GB and a GTX 650TI that I have been using in it since it came out (the 650TI that is) but could any of you tell me why the mother board is just beeping and nothing is happening other than that at this point? It would really help a lot because this PC has a lot of memorys for me since it was the PC that I started learning HTML on with my Grandfather if any of you have any ideas on what to so I would like to hear them.




BUmping because I still need help D:

Do you have other hardware that is compatible with the build? Try swapping out the parts if you can, trouble shooting. Also look up the beeping in the manuel or on the internet, as the beeps are codes for something, as far as I know.


As far as I know everything is compatible it's not my GPU because I just put that in my gaming pc to check it and my 160GB HDD boot drive still boots with my other pc and my ram is still working. but I will look up the manual for it.

I'm thinking that the PSU might have killed/damaged something when it died.

But try all you can think off.

Do you have 2 sticks of RAM in it? Try with only one stick.

Try without the HDD.

Try with the gpu in a different pci-e slot (If there is one

Also this might sound silly but you have made sure that all the power connectors are plugged in?

It was one of my ram dims (Farthest fromt he CPU socket) or dim 4 the dim was scratched I guess while I was moving it so that is out now and I just bought a new set 25mins ago at Fry's but for some odd reason it is still not posting it's not making code beeps any more but everything powers up fine all HDD DVD player GPU and all the fans but my USB's I think arn't sending power or something because my mouse doesn't light up (IR) and my PS2 keyboard isn't working (I use PS2 because I have a IBM model M) so I will take it to a shop and see what they have to say about since HPs sight doesn't help me much other than the code beeps and everything was for windows vista and I am on 7 ultimate so I guess it is all about waiting right now.