Need some help/input (windows)

so, i just got my tablet pc (looks pretty decent btw), so the guy instaled windows 7 on it, it originaly came with xp tablet

so i go into comp proporties and i'm greeted with this:

so i see that 7 hasn't been activated (yes, there is a key under that black bar) also the xp tablet code on the bottom of the pc is still intact/ readable

important note: the programs i need to run MAY only run on xp/32-bit (the people who made the spec sheet at my school most likely aren't the brightest)

so my question is: can i leave this unactivated (do i need to NOT connect to the internet?) save the key (for a near-future build) torrent win 7 and xp tablet, use the key on the bottom of the computer for xp, use the key shown (you know what i mean) on the future build, and save $100

i don't want to pirate, and if i could spend/ save $100 it would really help alot

If your at school you can probably get a free copy of windows from your school or you can try to get a free copy from microsoft thro Microsoft DreamSpark

Falling that you can activate windows with a loader called "Daz windows loader" ( but thats up to you i do not condone piracy)

if i pirated i wouldn't care about any of this, but that's not how i roll, the only thing i would torrent are the applicable isos

Any help someone? I'm sure there's someone here who knows this and can manage reading my entire post