Need some feedback on my first build!

Hey Tek Syndicate forum!

I am currently in the market for a new Computer. My budget is around 1700 Dollars, but it's really hard to say since I live in Denmark and the prizes for Hardware here is around 30-40% higher than in the US, but you should know which prize range I am in as soon as you see the build:

Since this is my first windows, I haven't actually overclocked before, but I would really like to try it at some point - Of course not to test the components to their limit! ;) I plan to buy some All in One watercooling kit at some point and I'm thinking of the Swiftech H220, but that isn't really relevant now - I just need to have the space in the case!

I will be using this PC primarily as a gaming PC, playing games such as Skyrim, Path of Exile and LoL, but I play a lot of different games. I expect to be able to play everything at max settings on 1920x1080. I would like to be able to play the games I like in the next 2-3 years without making drastic upgrades!

I'm quite unsure whether I should get a GTX 780 from ASUS or wait for the 290 with custom cooler from ASUS.. I would like your opinion on that!

As you may be able to see, I'm trying to get an ASUS-themed build with the color-scheme and I would love to keep it that way!

Thanks for your time reading and I hope we can discuss this a bit :)


Overclocking isn't hard... keep your multiplier at 100 and your temps under the recommended temp for the CPU... if something goes wrong then it'll just fail at boot... adjust and fine-tune it to max then dial it down and stress test... use Realtemp to monitor temps and Prime95 to stress test... if it lasts for an hour under Prime95 load it should be fine, but I run mine all night just to make sure... 

Good luck finding a 290 Asus cooled (in the US)... the 780 will suit you fine for 2-3 years, they are similar performance get whatever's in stock and cheaper, but I dunno about the Denmark scene's price point,... which is something you should be seriously concerned with throwing up a build with US prices... you could likely downgrade the mobo a bit unless you're in love with all the features without really affecting the performance... other than that... looks great... hope you can afford it in Denmark!

Yeah OCing isn't a big deal. That is a good system you put together but I've made some changes and moved it to the 990FX platform. Getting you about the same performance, most of the time more for a little less.

You really don't need an optical drive though. That could save you some money. 

Looks pretty good.  At this budget, I do prefer Intel.  It does depend what programs you use.  If you require single-core performance, Intel would probably be better.  If you use threaded programs, the FX-8350 will perform better.

Do not use P95; it's antiquated, pulls more voltage than spec, and is just not applicable anymore. Use [email protected] instead, or OCCT.