Need some advice. PC or back to Console?

Hey, so I've gamed on PC and consoles for a fair few years now.

With the new consoles coming out, I'm not sure what to do.

Upgrade my PC for around £400 - £500 or pick up the Xbox One? I would get an Xbone over a PS4 simply because I've been on Xbox for the past five years, I'd rather not drop that for the PS4.

Due to joint problems I find it uncomfortable to play with KB/M for long periods of time, and I know I can plug in a controller but it is impossible to compete in the online world of Battelfield 3 or just about any other shooter with a controller.

Also I don't have any friends that play on PC, so I'm kind of a loner, which isn't much fun.

So, what do you think I should do?

Upgrade my PC and loose some of the excellent visuals that PC has to offer and miss all the fun of Steam's great game prices and crazy sales or buy an Xbox One for almost the same price as total of the parts I need, and pay upto £60 for games.

Any friendly advice is welcome :)

Well, as much as I would like to tell you to stick with the PC, if you like playing online FPS and can't use a keyboard and mouse, then a console is your only option. I strongly advise you to wait a few months after the new consoles come out before making your choice on which one to buy, I have a feeling that this generation's "console" war is going to be somewhat anticlimactic, with one system dominating, most likely the PS4, and the other one languishing.

Even as a prior hardcore xbox fanboy.... If I had to get a console I'd be getting the PS4. Just do some research, even Microsoft said they messed up on it, BAD.  

Thing is, I don't have to get a console.  All I have to do is convince my friends to all buy gaming computers instead of consoles, because the only thing, IMHO, that consoles have over PCs is same room multi-player.

In short: PC

I'm pretty up to date on the Xbox situation.

Convincing my friends to get a gaming rig would be a waste of time, they're more casual with their gaming, they just want to come home, turn on a box and go. 

And I don't think anyone really plays LAN matches on consoles anymore. 


Not so much LAN, but next to no games support cross platform gaming.  Therefore, I have to connect my xbox up anytime they want to play with me.  I convinced them all into getting a PC instead of a next gen console though.

I don't see the difference between coming home, hitting the power button on a slightly larger, more powerful box, and going. Over "come home, turn on a box and go."

I hope the Steam big picture stuff will cause more PC splitscreen. It's the only reason I still have my xbox

Realistically, I don't see what the big deal is.  If you have a USB gamepad and enough ports, it really shouldn't be that much of a problem... especially with games that already support it.

I think you have to realize that people buy consoles for different reasons than you. For example why would you buy a 3DS when it has terrible graphics compared to the vita? 

I think pc is for you man. It seems like it at least from what your saying. PC can be lonely if your friends dont own a PC. But there tons of people on this website to play with and people you can meet! But as far as i'm concerned pc is better in everyway other than splitscreen and exclusives. But we have those too.

So long as what you want to play is truely cross platform, then grab a comfortable controller and stick to PC. If you're looking at exclusives, then it's obvious that you'll want the system they play on. I have full body muscle arthritis and three hours going through FB, forums, etc causes my hands to want to lockup. Personally the XBOX controllers have always been too heavy for me to use for extended periods of time, but FPS people seem to swear by them. I know there's a way to get the PS3 controllers to work on PC, but I've yet to pull it off as MSFT doesn't want to support that for obvious reasons.

Go buy logitecs pc controller. Same shape and button lay out as play station. Hope that helped u. 

I think you came to the wrong neck of town if you wanted to have us become cushy towards consoles. (upgrade your pc and get a retro console!)

I've seen those, but I've shifted from PC as the only thing left for me (besides classic KB games) was an MMO that shutdown.

If you like RTS or mods get the upgrade plus you get better game prices ans steam a sales 

If you getting the consal wait a year the price will drop a lot.

I am going to get a Xbox one when it starts getting cheap just for forza 5

Honestly, just go with the system that your friends play on. I have a pretty good pc and I find myself leaning more towards my xbox simply because more of my friends play it