Need some advice on a new build

I haven't built a PC in 3 years now, and even then it was budget at $500 worth of parts. I'm building a new PC, and this is what I'm looking at so far:


So, I'm looking for opinions and advice. My big thing is I'd like to stay with an AMD graphics card (Mantle support FTW), a sleek case (the current case looks about right), and probably Intel.


Basically, I want to build for Star Citizen. I expect to upgrade the graphics card in 18 months time, but I'd like the remainder to be useful still.


Now, my question: does anyone see anywhere I may have gone overboard, and maybe I could use a different part on it?



I've done some trimming and thinking:

Any comments or advice are still welcome.

A pretty good starting build.  Some suggestions:

The SSD you picked isn't too good.  I'd get the V300 series, Samsung 840 Series, or maybe an A-Data Premier Pro.

The motherboard you picked doesn't have too many features.  It won't be good for crossfiring if you ever want to do so.

Well, the SSD is more just there. I fully expect to snag something better on one of the winter sales. As for the motherboard, have any suggestions?

Something like this, maybe.

hey the Kingston hyper x 3k in a 120gb flavor is like $80 right now on Amazon for any early black Friday sale, go check it out