Need recommendation for a new side monitor

I currently use a cheap little ASUS VS229H-P as my side monitor which is on its last legs and I will need to replace it soon. This time I will get a stand for my monitors, so VESA mountable is a must. Not looking for something outrageously good because it's just a side monitor, but I still want some quality.

Must have all the following properties:

  • 23"~24"
  • IPS
  • Bezels that are not enormous
  • Be VESA mountable (75mm or 100mm)
  • 1920x1080 (but hey, if there's a good cheap 1440p display that's also IPS in the price range let me know)

Budget is under $200


under the deals section on the tek syndicate main site I saw this monitor up for sale

I like the LG 24" IPS 1080p monitor. Whatever that one costs.

i had to.

Dell u2414h is solid monitor with nice aesthetics

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Any more?