Need Ram help

im planing to buy more ram, and im wondering if 8gb 2400mhz does preform much betterthen 1600mhz.

If you're buying more ram the best thing to do is try and match the speed and timings as best you can to avoid conflicts. So get a 1600mhz kit with the same timings as your current ram. Unless you are replacing your old ram in which case by all means go for the 2400mhz.

ok, tkanx for the advice. do you want a copy of Dota2 (on steam) i have 10 copies of it.

I have 10 copies of it also. lol

How did all these people get 10 copies of Dota 2 on Steam?

Valve sends them out every once in a while to people. I think maybe because I wasn't playing it very much. I gave probably half of them away though.