Need Opinions - Final mATX $900 Build

I put a lot of time looking stuff up for this build, the case looks sweet as hell with the window and I love the idea of a smaller form factor.


If you guys like this build, i'm most likely going to build it, possibly make a build log as well. 


I will probably by gaming and doing casual gaming edits with this system on a 1080p 48" tv @ 120hz.


PLEASE let me know what you guys think, i want to get the green light to get this stuff before sales drop.

h87 with a k cpu?

its 3$ more right now, no functionality, but it's capable lmfao.

oh for 3$ more get the k!

seems like overkill on the PSU... doubt you'll need the fans either... could step up to a GTX 770 with the money saved on dropping the fans and downgrading PSU

Apparently, the gtx 760 wants a 500w at least. The 650 is already 30$ off and comes in combo pack with the gtx 760 msi, so i thought it was a decent deal. This way, if i get money to upgrade later on, i'll have some elbow room as well and I won't have to overpay. Also, the fans will probably help keep it cooler in there and rounds it off to a nice 900$.

Yep there's nothing wrong with going a bit overkill with the PSU. I got a 750w power supply on my original build and only used about 500w under load initially, but I recently aquired 5 more hard drives from my work place, and the extra headroom turned out to be worth it.

If you can afford it later on I would definitely chuck in an SSD for those mad boot times. Otherwise, you're good to go!

A 350D!! such boss man, mine is jammed in a gap but still looks good, best looking case i have ever seen me thinks

yea, love the idea between something not too small so i can put it on teh group but something not too big where it sticks out like an eye sore on the desk near a tv.