Need new motherboard - related questions

Do oem computers generally have issues when a motherboard is replaced?

I bought a Dell back in March, and I bought the express service contract too lol…

Now it seems the motherboard was defective. They are supposedly sending a tech by with a replacement.

I think they owe me a totally new machine. I think my machine is a complete lemon

What do you think?

I keep having kernel power errors and the computer constantly flashes on and off. There remote diagnostic decided I need new motherboard.

But the dell tech was kind of a doof and mumbled “sometimes when you replace a motherboard other issue spring up”

What was he talking about and how do I argue dell owes me a new computer?

I assume that Dell is responsible for fixing it if you have warrenty.
But replacing hardware on a oem system like Dell or HP,
can sometimes be a pain not always.
However yeah in this case it´s basically a problem for Dell.
And with a replacement board it should be fine again.

But yeah i´m personally not a big fan for oem builds.
I’d rather like to build systems myself.

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I have had Dell replace a bad motherboard before and it was fine, they came to my office swapped my board in about 1hr, gave me some paperwork and gave me back my laptop.

That laptop ran for another 2 years until it was replaced as it was out of our service contract period.

It should be fine. There is a reason companies order from Dell, HP etc instead of letting IT pick together the best hardware - it saves a lot of time, comes with warranties and contrary to popular belief Dell doesn’t want to sell you defective equipment, too many service calls turn their profit margin negative.

If this swap doesn’t help then yeah, probably better and less cost to just swap the machine completely, and Dell will take that step when the service costs get too big.

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