Need info

Hi  have some questions? i buy VPN privateinternetaccess. and works perfect on windows, also comes with and android app and works fine, but i follow the instruccions for ipad (my is and ipad 2nd gen.) and always fail to complete i don't know if i am doing someting wrong, you mention that come with and app for iOS i don't find the app on the store and they only show you instruccions to install on iOS devises, can you and your team help me if you can make a video so many others like me can benefit from it,and also can you tell us how to set up on a router, Thank you very much in advance.

iOS has a built in VPN client so PIA wants you to use that.

The guide is for an iPhone, but it is the same procedure for any other iOS device. The instructions are pretty straight forward so you shouldn't have difficulty following them.


As far as the router is concerned ...

Unfortunately each router is different and the default firmware is pretty locked up on most of them, unless you rock a enterprise device. If your device supports it you can install dd-wrt which I know for sure supports vpn tunneling, or maybe tomato. It's up to you.

If not you could get a RasPi, beaglebone or just an old computer and set it up as a gateway and use that for VPN tunneling. But that's a bit more advanced.