Need ideas for a new intel/ati build

i need help choosing a motherboard that supports the intel chip but also x-fire. i was thinking of the x38 or the P5Q. anyone have any suggestions? also i currently have an asus board and read the topic about what gigabyte said. should i still stick with asus on this one?

sorry for the double post, ignore/delete the other one. i clicked the send button twice because it wasnt responding

dude you should narrow down the selection for us a bit. I personally would go with an x38 or x48 board over a p45 board. That said there are a whole bunch of boards using the p45 x38 or x48 chipset so ya you should narrow the selection down.

how much are you willing to spend on the board?

dd2 or 3?

do you want 2,3, or 4 pci express slots?

what company's do you favor?

as far as I am aware the p45 chipset only supports crossfire in 8x

I heard the x38 is really stable good for overclocks, but Asus i think would be a more trustly company. Also the x38 i think only has two pcie slots. If you want more i think you'll ave to still with asus

oh sorry, im looking at DDR2 Ram and i do favor asus... im looking to spend around 200-250. thanks for the reponse.

i was thinking maybe this motherboard:

that wouldnt be a bad choice. you dont really need more than two pci express slots since they have dual gpu cards.

oh, then what would u reccomend?

na man i meant that that board would probably be a good choice. its the x48 chipset, takes fast ddr2 and isn't too exspensive. id check around some forums to see what other people who own it say, but u know thats just something you should always do before putting out that kind of money.

oh sorry misread. i read it as "that would be a bad choice"... thanks for the response i'll do some more research on that board

The p5q chipset seems to get ALOT of good reviews on newegg and asus mobo's are awesome, so I would say p5q.

i've also read a lot of good reviews for the P5Q series boards

Yeah, Im building a p45 system in a few weeks. Ive read some things on Tom's Hardware, and some of their benchmarks on various programs for the p45 were better than those of the x48 or the x38 o_o. Shocking. Then again, idk. But I think im gonna go with the Gigabyte rather than the P5Q from Asus. the EP45-DS3R is a nice choice. If not, I was planning on getting the P5Q-E. But the whole Asus vs. Gigabyte thing X_X. Idk. Im trying out Gigabyte this time. We'll see whether or not its gonna be a good choice.