Need help with Turtlebeaches

So I purchased a pair of turtlebeach x12's. I originally got these for console but shortly after I found myself using them exclusively for PC. Now my friends have been telling me that theres a constant static noise thats constantly played through my mic whenever we use Skype. 

So I was wondering if anybody else had this problem or if theres any setting I can alter to help stop this. Thanks.

Here's a sample of the sound,

You might have sound boost on

Right click on the sound icon in the bottom righ corner in windows then click on "Recording drivers". It will take you here [img][/img]

click on your defaulf mic (the one with the tick on it) and go to the levels tab and make should the sound boost or bass boost or boot is not a +30/+20/+10 and might need to mess around with your settings to get it right and if you are still getting the same problem when boost is not at +anything its your mic (i could be wrong it would not be the first time) also in the levels tab make should boost is down and microphone is at 100 to make should your not too quiate

Sorry if i have spelt anything wrong i am dyslexic and only 17

None the of the setting in the audio panel seem to fix it. I'm convinced it's my headset. I highly recommend NOT buying turtlebeaches ever. EVER. This is one of the many problems I've had with them. 

Sounds like unisolated leads to your onboard sound. Need a soundcard to get completely rid of it. Common issue. 

Sounds like electrical interfearance, try to isolate your headset and all wires leading to the sound card from each other and hope for the best. 

Turning volume levels down (Gain) may help.

When I run sound boards, and the microphones have the gain set too high, you get similar interfearance.

So we set the gain low on the microphones and just boost the volume at the speakers (mains).

Sadly, this could all be caused by a capacitor going bad. There are so many sources for electrical interfearance when it comes to sound equipment, hope you get it figured out.