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Need help with setting up storage for dev server

Operating System/ Storage Platform: Proxmox running multiple VM’s
CPU: Ryzen Threadripper 3970x
Motherboard: Aurous Extreme TR4x
Chassis: TBD
Drives: 24TB SN_750 + 104TB 870 QVO to start
RAM: 256 ECC 3200 DDR4
Add-in Cards: 3 LSI SAS 9207-8i
Power Supply: TBD

Usage Profile: Build server for game dev

We are planning to run proxmox as our hypervisor, not sure how to setup the storage though as I’m pretty new to this stuff. Thinking about using ZFS with the NVME ssd’s as read/write cache. Any pointers will be appreciated

That might be overkill. What’s your workflow like?

BTW, welcome to the forums! :hugs:

Trying to maintain 8 development branches or so, each development branch will need to be able to perform game engine builds and game project builds, thus the need for all that storage.

Do you have a separate NAS or some other kind of backup storage? Might be worth it to have redundancy and backups handled by another system so you can tune the dev boxen for pure speed.

In general though, mirrors are usually what you go for when you need all the iops, and I’d also probably avoid putting all 10 of those 4TB drives in the same pool.

ah… ok

do you have another system for regular backups?

with the two 4TB drives… i see OS mirror and iso and lxc storage
(without knowing if you need 20TB or 32TB)
for the ten 4TB, i see 5 mirrors in a zpool.

Yes we have a backup system