Need help with possible triple monitor setup

I am currently running a 24inch 1080p monitor and I would like to get into nvidia surround gaming. My question is, If I was to buy a second 1080p 24inch monitor and someting like the Shimian 27inch 1440p, and ran it with the 2 1080p monitors on either side of the shimian, would I still be able to run nvidia surround or would it only work if I had 3 24inch 1080p monitors?


Dude you can run them all no matter what the size but you'll have to run them all on the same resoultion which means the 1440p is wasted

As Aussie said, nVidia surround would take all your monitors and mush them into one to make a 5760* by 1080* resolution virtual view. This however can be turned off when ever you want.  This will allow you to watch movies and play games that are not supported by nVidia surround at 1440p (on one monitor).  Personally I would get 3 monitors that are all the same size/resolution.

I thought that would be the case, the reason that I want the 1440p monitor is that I will not be running nVidia surround all the time so will occasionally just game on one monitor at 1440p, just would be nice to have all my options open. Also, being a video editor/DoP, the higher resoloution and IPS panel on the shimian will be much better for my colour grading work on my films. Thanks guys.