Need help with PC Build

I would prefer the blower style for SLI'd cards as the air from the bottom card will likely blow warm air to the card above it, raising temps overall.  Having the blower style cooler will exhaust air mainly out the back of the case, instead of back into the case.

I have never heard of an i7-4820 or i7-4771. I know you selected those parts though pcpartpicker but when I looked for them myself I couldnt find them. Are those two CPUs worth the extra cost?

i7-4820 is based on the higher end 2011 socket.  It'll give you more performance, but is often more expensive.

i7-4771 is pretty much the i7-4770K without the K

I've adapted my build and here is what I got

Also should I get dual GTX 770s or a single GTX 780

Unless you plan on 4k gaming, a single GTX 770 is mor than enough for the next few years. 8gb of ram is fine. If you are the type to store videos on your computer, but a few hard drives. 

I would make sure to buy a few extra fans for your case,l and if you want a quiet computer (you can afford it at that price), swap out all of your fans for Scythe Gentle Typhoons or Noctuas. Also, if you spend more than $1000, get a decent cooler (Noctua 14S is awesome). A fan controller could look cool as well. 

Also, get a decent  case. Remember balance in a computer. This is not balanced. You are spending too much on CPU and graphics. Get an i5, one 770, two 3T Barricudas, a 250gb SSD, 8gb of 1600 RAM, a nice CPU cooler, a decent case (Fractal R4), four fans that will fit in the case, and the PSU you listed.


i5 $180

CPU Cooler $80

Motherboard $200

SSD $190

Case $120

Hard Drive $130,200RPM_SATA_60Gbps_35_Internal_Hard_Drive_STBD3000100

PSU $100 (Jonny Guru approved)


I would personally stick with the i7-4770(you're not overclocking, right?), and get a nice motherboard that can support SLI for future upgrades.  The quad-core i7 on the 2011 isn't really much of a performance increase, just a more expensive version of a high end platform that is even more upgradeable(overkill for gaming, I would only recommend 2011 for huge budgets or productivity)

Usually 1 video card is my preferred option.  The performance is usually more stable, and SLI is sometimes not supported on various games.

Honestly I laid out a really good system for you, you kept the bad ram and psu. The 4771 is a 4770 with 100mhz higher clocks 3.5-3.9ghz turbo. I would recommend just one 770. You don't need the 2011 platform, that's mostly oriented towards power users not gamers.

Just get a kit with dual channel ram of at least 8 gigs along with a decent power supply and most of the builds here will suit the OP perfectly.

Okay here is another attempt at my PC build, I took alot of suggestions and made this

Also my friend says I should get 2 raedon 280x or a 290x.

Should I or should I stick to the Nvidia cards?

If you don't mind the sound of the R9 290X with it's stock cooler, I would go that route.  It's cheaper, and the price/performance is better.  The R9 290 performs almost the same as the 290X, if you want to save even more money.

My modified build with my 290x

Is all this efficient and working?

The SSD is fine, seriously. The Toshiba drive is about as reliable as anything else, and unless you are running thousands of drives of various brands in a server to tell me otherwise, you also don't have a large enough sample size to provide an accurate correlation. The same issue occurs when describing the unreliability of SSDs. You can provide your personal experience with the drive, but if you've had no experience with it, then you need to link to someone else's anecdote or shut the hell up. I don't usually get frustrated by things like this, but I'm getting really tired of people just randomly having outdated brand associations of reliability based on heresay from the friend of a friend about a drive they had five years ago.

The RAM is also not a bad price considering the speed. Fair enough, there isn't a tremendously appreciable improvement from 1866, but the price isn't ridiculous. Patriot RAM is also not "bad" RAM. Almost all RAM performs very similarly at equivalent speeds, and CAS Latency doesn't make nearly as much of a difference as it used to. If you can find a better sale on one at the same speed with lower latency, then go for it. I like it primarily because it happens to be on sale frequently and it is beautiful to me.

The primary reason why I recommended such an impressive board with that processor is because it is really stable and offers much more upgradability in the future. And also because Asus ROG boards are highly recommended by other trusted builders, so I have to go with them. Take a look at Singularity Computers on youtube for recommendations of ROG boards. I don't have enough personal experience with modern computer boards to tell anything from personal experience.

Yes, it is possible to build an even more powerful machine if you are willing to throw the idea of overclocking completely out the window, because then you can just buy a cheaper motherboard and more cards or a more powerful card.

As far as PSUs are concerned, get what you can afford. This one is designed for your GPU to be drawing from two seperate rails, and offers enough connectivity for two GPUs, which is as many as this board comfortably supports.

instead get a xigmatek dark knight 2 night hawk, and a 780 instead

What is a:


-dark night 2

-night hawk the ram is dual channel just cheaper if you buy 2 single sticks, low profile for that amazing air cooler. Forget about the evga psu it's split rails not one large amp 12v rail.

Put them all together and it's the name of a cooler.

Sure it'll cool your CPU a bit better compared to a budget Hyper 212 EVO, but I don't believe in mid-range Air CPU coolers, as the performance usually isn't worth the extra money.  I recommend Hyper 212s, then bump the level up all the way to Noctuas.

I only want 8GB of ram and that cooler seems a bit unnecessary, also I would like to stick to the R9 290X.

Anything else I should do to change my build? 

I think this will be my final build.

Can I fit in a slightly better motherboard if I ever want to overclock?

hey just a thought but maybe going with the amd 8350 and an amd board could be a better because the Cpu and Mobo cost is significantly lower on the Cpu and a little lower on the Mobo, maybe also waiting for black Friday to try and get the parts even cheaper so you could get a better Cpu, Graphics cards and Mobo? 

That motherboard will be fine for overclocking.

Just make sure when you're building to balance out the +12V rails on the PSU, since it has two.