Need help with my internet

   Recently, I moved to Tennessee from New Jersey and my internet options where I've moved are few and far between. It's really a big change since I had access to fiber optics where I used to live.

  Anyway, I was hoping that maybe one of you more knowledgeable folks could help me out on this. I can't get cable internet. I've tried the wireless internet that uses like microwave signals that you receive from a tower. That company had some good plans, but the signal is only good for about 10 miles before it starts to lack in the speed of the internet. I'm 15 miles away from that tower. Another option was a home 4G LTE network, which i am currently using right now, its some company named MoFi, and the speeds suck even though we got the best plan, 8mb/s down and 2mb/s up, we are getting speeds around 2mb/s up and 0.50mb/s up. Is there any other companies with better plans than MoFi, i would really really prefer an Unlimited plan, because this 60gb per month is not cutting it. And maybe some one could recommend a better air card that can grab a better LTE signal, we  currently have the NETGEAR 341U, which is only getting around 1 bar. ALSO I cannot get Verizon, we went to the store to ask about it and the guy didn't even want to offer us the plan, since we would have to pay $400 a month to get decent speeds. If you guys need the town I live in it's New Market, TN. Thanks!

What about DSL? I know is not the best but better than crappy 4G antenna I think. I think frontier is one of the providers over there, maybe give them a ring and see. Doesn't hurt to check - unless you already have that is.

Thanks! I'll check with them to see