Need help with motherboard options

I've been wanting to upgrade my motherboard on my main system so I could overclock my i5-3570K thats been upgraded from a i3-3225. The current motherboard is a MSI-B75MA-P45, now I also want to use this motherboard along with my current gpu a gtx 660 for a new build with the i3. I was wondering what are some good motherboard options? I've been looking on ebay and saw a intel DZ77SL-50K, but I don't know anything really about motherboards. I know 1155 is an older platform and that the parts are really expensive now, but I'm just really hoping you guys can help me.

Why do you want a new motherboard?

I've been told my current motherboard doesn't overclock well, also I wanted to build a secondary pc for entertainment, living room gaming, movies/streaming.

Have you tried overclocking with your current board? If you haven't I would try first just to see what you can get, but since your CPU is locked you will need to overclock using the BCLK.

There are some overclocking threads in these places that may be of some help in finding a MB for OC'ing that I5-3570

I would look mostly at chipsets and power phase and try to stay with a brand you like or are comfortable.

Can't help much more I am more of an amd guy but I found reading similar threads I learn allot. Or I fall asleep :)

And a thread on a guy getting 4.2 on a B75 board:

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