Need help with monitor

I have a crossover monitor and there is a glass cover over the monitor which is stuck on using double sided tape. Im wondering If I can take this off

Yes Do at own risk

are you 100% sure, I dont want to ruin the monitor

Welcome to the forums. Would be nice if you can take a few pics of this double sided tape and glass cover so we can see it. Which model did you get ?

In b4

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Ill take some picture the model is Crossover Cronus 323QR165

kinda difficult to show it but im pulling the glass screen apart from the monitor, Its not stuck on very well

Looks like it could be safe to remove.

Proceed with caution, suction cups (for lifting glas) and soft surfaces. AND: AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Oh no no no no no ! I am not sure about it.

Yes, it will be fine.

Most definitive answer is taking it off (either it breaks or does not break).
The second best is putting colored stripes on screen edge to edge and looking if they reach the edge when looking through the glass and arround the glass.

Any glass that isn’t laminated to the display can be removed.
Just be careful about touching the display.

Maybe it’s fine I don’t see the same thing on this video -

google says it’s the same monitor ( cant read korean )

so maybe.

Wait, so why do you wanna do this instead of buying another?

Thanks for the advice guys, I just removed it and it perfectly fine. Don’t know why they had that layer on, looks much btter with it removed