Need help with monitor choice

Hello everyone,

I am looking to buy a monitor in the forseeable future. Usually I am quite knowledgeable about PC parts, but I am absolutely uninformed about monitors. Hopefully you guys can help me out here.
What I am looking for should fulfill these criteria:
- full HD or 1440p
- good reaction time (the monitor will mostly be used for gaming and watching videos/movies)
- freesync (my R9 290 doesn't support the newest DP standard, but one day I will have a card that does have freesync and then I would like to be able to use it)
- reasonable color reproduction

Obviously the monitor must be reasonably priced. No well known brands required, but the quality should be good. The monitor should be available from germany.

I would be very happy if someone could help!


For less than 600 bucks you can get the best darn 1440p freesync monitor on the market.

What do you mean? the 290 supports free-sync no problem, also ya budget

Well like I said I might not have the best idea. Somehow I thought I need DP 1.2a for freesync but if that's going to work out of the box then that's excellent!
About the budget... I was thinking 300€, maybe 400. Is there anything viable in this price range?

For some reason the monitor is now 800$ on newegg? Any idea why?

I should have checked the link, but for @Tjj226_Angel as well

The ASUS 144hz IPS free-sync display only goes to 90hz if I'm remembering right, what you want is the ACER one, that should go from 23hz-144hz

The cheaper one on amazon I believe is a TN panel, so probably worth it to pay the extra

Have you seen this?

I was quite bothered by that 90Hz max freesync range on the Asus but apparently there is a fix for that. Does anyone here have any experience with such monitor hacks?