Need Help With DK-05X Motherboard Compatibility

Hi all, so have a quick question I need help with. So I am looking to streamline my office space, which the DK-05X would help with greatly. The problem is, one of my computer’s motherboard is an SSI-EEB form factor.

Now I know, if my memory is correct, that EEB and E-ATX use a lot of standoffs in common, granted my memory may be wrong. So the question is, Will an SSI-EEB Motherboard fit in and mount in the DK-05X?

I am finding little info to help on my own, so either my Google-fu is weak, or it is something that is not very widely known and few know the answer. So if any of you all know the answer, I would be so immensely grateful if you would tell me.

Thanks all for your time.