Need help with deep sleep mode

For my desktop , I had to get a new motherboard which broke and got a RMA done, and not to long after my power supply blew on my computer. I have had the computer working well until now. I did disable the power management when it was working and i get no lights from the Ethernet ports. When i boot windows 7 it does do the blue spinning circle looking for a network and goes to red. When i troubleshoot with windows it only says to install the drivers 


I have tried: 

Attempt at re-installing driver to get same message

Re-boot and take out and put in Ethernet cable

Remove Battery 

Remove Ram 

Re-installed OS and Different OS 

My Build 

Mother Board - MSI 970A -G47

Processor- AMD FX-6100

Graphics Card - MSI R7770 

PSU - RX -530SS

Ram - 8GB 

Unsure if this could be related but i have never had the audio ports work.Any and all help would be appreciated and if you have had this issues please comment

Do you use a pci express wireless card?
How do you connect to the internet? 



First things first, go to network and sharing and go to network connections:

Are you using wireless or wired? Right click the connection and ensure the device is enabled.

If cabled did you attempt to use a different cable?

If enabled, right click it and go to properties. Under the IPv4 (version 4) ensure that it's set to detect automatically. 

If none of that resolved the issue, boot to safe mode (restart and press F8 until advanced boot menu shows up, then select safe mode with networking.) Attempt to connect then.

Still not working? Come back and let us know.

I am wired and tried multiple cables. There is not network connections under Network and Sharing. Im using Windows 7

Right click your connection (or lack there of) in the bottom right corner of your system tray and click on network settings or whatever it is and it will be on the left.

Are you getting the deep sleep mode error message when reinstalling the ethernet driver from a usb or other portable storage device?

If you have access to wireless, go get a cheap usb or wifi card then install that. Go into device manager then reinstall the ethernet driver.

Sorry I cannot help more then that, but my old pc did this and best thing was to give it wifi and for laughs installed the ethernet driver and found the ethernet driver installed and worked when it had wifi. I also did everything you did. Even had the ram out one whole night. Pc now works with cables again.