Need help with choosing a new MOBO

Hi guys can you help me choose a mobo for my new build.I'm wondering between:
ASUS B150 Pro Gaming:

MSI B150A Gaming:

Depends - probably whichever is cheaper. Neither can overclock, the audio stuff is very similar. Perhaps tell us what cpu you are using and what your budget is.

I'm going to be using a i7 6700 and the budget is 730$

$730 USD? and is that for cpu mobo and ram? everything? or just mobo?


No gpu? or already have one? need to know for psu. What ram? and - again- is that USD? AUD? UK? Euro? canada? Bangladesh?

MSI... 1 reason and one reason only... DDR4... Next gen cpus will most likely work on the current gen motherboards, but they will most likely not support the aged DDR3 standard... And the price difference is not even worth mentioning.
EDIT: Jesus that MSI board is uglier than me...


i have the other stuff and yes its 730$

You are STILL not saying which currency - massive difference between 730 USD and 730 AUD for example

It is in USD.

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So what do you have already - exactly.

gtx 960 1x8gb ddr4 2xHDD Monitor Keyboard Mouse
Asrock Fatal1ty X99M Killer - 228$
i7 5820K 6core - 370$
Phanteks Enthoo Pro M - 65$
FSP Fortron Raider 750 Silver - 71$
Total: 735$...

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