Need Help With CentOS Server

So I'm trying to set up a server and for some reason it won't let me install or set up firewalld and I really need help with this because even though it will let me use IPtables I have no idea how to use that program

Which version of CentOs are you trying to use. The latest version should have firewalld by default, no need to do anything.


IPTables is part of the underlying functionality of firewalld, it does not serve the same purpose.
In the Linux kernel, there is basically firewall functionality, to put in simple. That used to be iptables, is now nftables, which also includes iptables as it was before in terms of setup, so the old config tools for iptables still work, but nftables has added quite a bit of functionality.

Firewalld basically taps into nftables to provide a system-wide firewall interface as a systemd-service.

Firewalld, if installed, needs to be enabled as a service if it's not already.

You still need a config utility to set up nftables through firewalld. The functionality firewalld offers on top of nftables is that the network manager has an automated profile system, which offers a lot of comfort and extra protection against human forgetfullness.

On CentOS, if firewalld is installed, there will be a firewalld config icon in the settings, and a profile selector in the network manager for every adapter and every network.

As Magnus said, firewalld should be installed and enabled by default in CentOS.

Pretty sure this is the same thread I saw on LTT forum...

Only in version 7+

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Yeah but that's the current version though, who would install the old version in a new install? I dunno, might be but seems less likely?