Need help with buying a new hard drive

So my odd Seagate Barracuda died today, so it's finally time to buy another one. I've been looking at the WD green drives. I want something 3TB or larger and they seem like a good value for there size. I will only be using the drive for my steam library and media.

Is this a good drive for games? Am I going to see a large performance loss? 

If you're going to be using an HDD for games I would recommend getting one that is at least 7200 rpm. I don't think that Seagate and WD really differ much in their overall quality, I have a WD blue in my PC and I love it. Just go with whichever one has the best price. 

WD Greens are designed to be energy efficient. Ideally you want to be using them as media drives. Blacks and Blues are more suited to gaming. If you're looking for more value, you might want to look at a different manufacturer.

Take a look at Hitachi/Toshiba and Seagtate drives. If you're using it for games, just check that it runs at 7200RPM and go look at reviews to get an idea of the reliability of the drive.

Thanks for the feedback, Amazon has a 4TB WD black for $199.99 and that seems pretty reasonable as far as gig per dollar goes, still expensive though