Need help with a gaming computer setup

Hi, I'm new to pc gaming. I recently came over to pc because my friend showed me the kill your console video on youtube. I know absolutely nothing about computers, besides the basics of using one, and I don't know what I should get, in terms of hardware parts and software. I'm planing on using it for mostly gaming. My budget is about $650. Any help would be nice! Thank you.


What do you plan on using it for and what games do you plan on playing?

well obviously he plants on using it for gaming...  I dont think it matters what kind of games either,  lets say he likes simple 2d scrollers, but one day he decides to give bf4 a shot.   Just saying

This should be a good value

This is not bad but not great:

4 We really need to know more about your needs such as what games you want to play, do you have your own OS/Monitor/peripherals. Do you need dvd drive or not? 

dragonites is much better

i plan on playing games like bf3/cod and other games like dayz, rust, and other fps games. I have a monitor and keyboard and mouse and I'm planing on getting a second monitor in the future. I have a cd drive from my current computer that i could use if i really needed it but i don"t know if i want or need one yet.

add a 60GB SSD for the OS

Not with that mobo, no.  125W 8 core CPU in a budget board with no VRM cooling is a terrible idea.


If you plan on upgrading system part by part:

If you're not planning to upgrade until you rebuild:

What do u mean by "upgrading system part by part and upgrade until you rebuild".


Hope you like it,, pick up an 60gb ssd for the os if you can.

8 cores for gaming = Waste, 8gb of ram running single channel on a 32bit os, seagate drive, loud gpu, unnecessary psu and again the 32bit os


Well, it depends if you want to bother upgrading your computer as you get more money.

Will get you a nice platform that can be easily upgraded to an 8 core CPU, and dual GPUs assuming you get a slightly stronger PSU.

will get you better performance out of the box compared to the build above, but isn't as upgradeable.  You can only really have 1 GPU at a time, and a maximum of 4 cores.