Need help with a build

Sorry this is a repost i didnt know if i should post this in general or here so i did general first but yeah. I cannot run almost any of my games except for a game like wow or mount and blade warband my games wont launch even terraria or baldurs gate wont launch. My computer specs are as follows 

intel i5 650

xfx r6770

dh55pj mobo from intel 

64 bit win7 home premium

4 gigs of ddr3 ram at 1033 mhz 

i could run most games i play on ultra without any problem before but now i cant when i try to run a source game i get a grey box that says preparing to luanch the game launches into a black screen it stay likst that for a second or 2 then it closes like nothing ever happened. if i try to run risen it says my graphics card isn't good enough and same with terraria. I updated my drivers and i tryed to update directx but it said my version was up to date. Then i tryd to run a game with the integrated graphics and I kept getting the same errors. I uninstalled and re-installed my games too. Does anyone know what could be wrong? thanks for any help also my first language is polish so sorry for my terrible grammar.

It's either the graphics cards fault or the CPU's fault or even the motherboards fault because of the integrated graphics and the dedicated graphics have the same errors then it must be the GPU.