Need help with a budget HTPC

What I basically need Is a Pc that can Stream Netflix and other stuff At 21:9 1080p For movies and stuff And maybe play some free online games Like SW:TOR At basically any setting that puts it above 30fps even if its really low.

What I need:

CPU I'm guessing a APU



Case- I like the Fractal design Core 1000 USB3 cheap and nice

I have Ram 1333mhz 8gb

and Hardrives of varying sorts one with win 8 so I'm thinking I want an SSD but its just depends on what I can afford.

I'm thinking

I'd go for at the an A8 such as the A8-5800k, though the A6 is probably more than good enough for media playback.

The 1333MHz RAM might not affect media playback that much but your games will suffer. I'd recommend at least 1600 MHz if not 1866 with decent timings. Its a tough sell considering you already have it though.

The PSU is also a little overkill unless you plan on throwing a mid-high end GPU in later. However, its a good price at the moment. You should keep an eye on something like a corsair CX430. I see those things on sale for $20-30 a lot.

You might have trouble fitting the wider mATX board in the Core 1000. It looks like it supports it but it's going to be a tight fit. Thats my only real criticism with the case/mobo.

If you already have sufficient storage for local content or don't plan on storing media, I would go for a 120GB SSD. Samsung 840 EVOs and Kingston Hyper X 3ks are my go to SSDs. Lots of performance for a great price and always going on sale.

Yeah Price is the only issue with me. I don't take into account Mail-in Rebates tho so I ignore that when it comes to price. Im thinking a lover end SSD like a SSD now form Kingston or a PYN. If I go with a 4 core APU ill chose the A-10 7850k or 6800k.

6800k with 1866 should be plenty.

Yeah if I have enough to spend I will try to spend as much as possible. So id go with 7850k With R9 AMD gamer series ram 16 gbs at 2400mhz which they say overclocks well but right now im on an uber budget.

I wouldn't bother with APUs north of $100. The only reason I recommend the A8 is because you mentioned light gaming. The A4 and A6s just aren't equipped for any newer titles on the lowest settings.

If you have the budget for an A10, I'd say just get an Athlon x4 and a dedicated GPU. Save the money on RAM and a heatsink, which you WILL NEED to get real performance from an A10. The Core 1000 form factor will allow for standard width GPUs so theres no point staying low profile with an APU.

As for the SSDs, the price difference is a matter of dollars and the performance difference can be by several factors. An SSD is amazing for a lot of reasons, but to justify the price/GB you need to be getting real performance incentives.

I base my prices off of current deals, which can be a problem if someone isn't buying parts right away. However, I never make mention of rebates. Call me a fool, but I don't believe in them. I feel like most of them are a scam and the few that go though aren't worth the time and effort. They just end up leaving a bad taste in my mouth towards an otherwise reputable brand. I don't know how to disable rebates in links I post, but you can disable them from being calculated in the final price on PcPartPicker.

Yeah, I thought that to. But the thing is I don't play newer titles and this PC is just for Star Wars: The Old Republic And maybe World of tanks and some other F2P games. While also supporting 4k output. I've seen The A-10 6800K go on sale and that's really the only A-10 I would buy if its on sale. I understand the Benefit to an SSD But if I was going with a 760K and Dedicated Gpu id toss the SSD And upgrade to a 270X on sale. But as said I'm on a budget so A Apu with 4 cores and can Work with some upgradeable GPUS and turn the onboard of is beneficial.


P.s. the Msi mobo I choose has 2 PCI-e 3.0 slots so I can a 2-3 year upgrade path. So maybe I build my Apu rig then add lets say a 270x A year or two down the line I can get a second when it bottoms out and survive for about another year Till I need a Full System over hall.

The FM2/FM2+ platform is not good for multiple GPUs.

The first PCIe 3.0 slot is wired for x16.  This is the slot that will work just fine.

The second slot is a PCIe 2.0 that looks like x16, but is only wired for x4.  The FM2 platform doesn't have that many PCI lines.  This x4 lane will bottleneck the graphics card, which will end up with a loss of performance when you go crossfire.  I believe nvidia does not allow x4 to be used for multiple GPUs.

Also, even the highest FM2+ CPUs are weak in computational power.  The 760k is comparable to an i3.  The A10-7850k is not that much stronger than the 6800k in terms of CPU power, and the 760k is a 6800k with disabled integrated graphics.  I would never set up a multiple-gpu system on the FM2 platform.

Who knows what coming down the pipeline New X86 cpu maybe on FM2+ and wont it go 8x by 8x with two cards in it?

The FM2 platform has its TDP limitations, and I wouldn't expect anything from AMD anytime soon.  Their A10-7850k is still pretty new.

No, it won't run x8 and x8.  The bottom slot is hard wired for x4.  It's intended for things like capture cards, sound cards, and wireless cards.

It's just that I seriously doubt you'll even get 30 fps on low at 720p in SWtoR. It isn't that A4 and A6 CPUs are all that lacking, its that the iGPU is to weak. It should work fine as a 1080p streamer, but it isn't a gaming GPU. I even have my doubts on how well the whole thing will handle 4k decoding but thats a seperate issue.

Whatever you do, don't plan around crossfire on a board this cheap. And for the love of tek, stay away from Hybrid Crossfire.

I know you're saying money is an issue, but I say spend an extra $15 now and get a decent quad core CPU. Even if the iGPU on an A8 isn't going to cut it for you, it makes more sense than a dual core for $15 of savings.

Regardless of what you do, your 1333MHz RAM is going to tank the iGPU performance of any APU and that deficit will only scale higher on an A10.

@Teajam - what is your budget exactly? Or are you simply just looking for parts that will meet your needs for as low cost as possible? (That's what I'm guessing).

Here's what I would suggest:

Use your 8GB 1333 ram as with this build that will work just fine and save you some money. This build should play the games you want to play at 1080p, but you may have to turn the setting down a bit. I just purchased the Athlon 5350 for my own HTPC build yesterday. Haven't had a chance to play around with it yet, but from all the reviews I've read and watched - it's more than capable for that kind of duty and even light 1080p gaming with a decent low-end main-stream graphics card like the R7-260X or 750Ti. PCperspective did some testing with these combinations if you want to check that out and see what kind of performance they achieved for a relatively low cost machine. 

For what you need, it sounds like you'd need a little more gaming power than what a low-cost APU could deliver on the iGPU alone. With this setup, you'll be getting a capable quad-core and decent discreet GPU performance for less than $350. That's not easy to come by these days.

Looks good. Ill consider this in the build.

Now I feel like you've just been trolling me.

I said id consider it. I like what we discussed better. I think ill buy this guys Thanks for the help all of you

One other option is to use one of the Pentium G cpus.  They are about $70-$80 but use a Haswell or previous generation socket so you can upgrade the cpu all the way to an i7 later (reusing the motherboard).


This build would be prior to my first real gaming build so upgradability isn't a must. Also I could go from the Cpu I have to a X4 Athlon later like I want but cant really afford. And I think SW:TOR is stable on 2 cores and most MMORPGS only need two cores to run well.