Need Help with a Bios Mod


I am trying to figure out how to modify my bios on my Asus Z9PA-D8 motherboard. I am hoping to be able to add PCIe Bifurcation. From my understanding bifurcation is available but hidden currently.

My hope is to be able to use in my home server/ NAS build

Realistically… good luck. Unless you waste time bashing your head of the keyboard figuring it out.
I too have a dual 2011 socket board I’d like to have that feature on.
I believe last time I was looking into this, there was a tool that made this kind of work much easier; but all I could find was a newer, gimped, useless version of the software.

If you can find the good version of the tool, or something similar, you could potentially compare as many Asus C602 Chipset BIOSs (if any support it) and maybe narrow down which binary blob is needed. Potentially multiple blobs if the GUI part is a separate chunk.

The tool I’m thinking of was some sort of BIOS specific hex editor that I think had a compare option. The good version would labeled certain blobs as being network related or management engine stuff… things like that; would really cut down on the head bashing part.

Oh, and you’d want BIOS dumps to compare, not the updates that are often available from the manufacturer; those tend to be incomplete and/or compressed in some way with a bundled executable (EFI executable, not a Windows .EXE).

There is a great Tutorial on How to add NVMe (Base) Support. Maybe this helps you with the Tools it mentions.


I’ll keep that in mind after I get hardware that can verify functionality.

I added AMD CBS and enabled Sr iov on an MSI x470 by essentially nulling out a blacklist in one of the files representing the menu.

There are other forums where people have written some very hard to understand tutorials in primarily Russian :slight_smile:

There are of course English speaking bios modders, 1usmus comes to mind from Ryzen BIOS mods + how to update BIOS correctly |

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Thanks. That might just be what I am looking for. The function is there just not enabled.

Not to derail but do you think you could add AMD cbs to the ASRock x300 so I can curve optimizer undervolt

I wouldn’t feel comfortable potentially bricking someone else’s property. There’s a big list of modded BIOS files on the forums, if you find a specific BIOS for your motherboard I am certain they can help.

Hi Madgey,

any results with your biosmod?
but the card you want to use doesn’t need bifurcation, but I’m sure you’ve already figured it out yourself.

That use to be a multi-listing with the option for a cheap one that did need it.