Need Help With a $450 Budget Build

That will work fine 

Am I getting the best bang for the buck as people around these forums say? Or could I swap something out of my build?

well if it was me ied have a hd 7850 and the phenom II x4 for $500 and that will run games a lot better than a FX 6300 and a hd 7770 

But for $450 thats a good set up you can allways get a better gpu in the future and have a little sronger cpu 

Although the title says $450 budget I but 'm looking at nothing over $400 ... It was between the phenom ii x4 965 or the FX-6300 and I will be playing a lot of planetside 2 which is apparently is just as CPU bound as most games are GPU bound therefore I chose the 6 core ... The 7770 works great with my budget and I'm more for better fps vs graphic if I were to play battlefield 3 on medium(I don't record gameplay) I can expect very smooth frames .... I also built this PC in mind with great upgradability potential ... And keep in mind although it may not seem like it from the way I talk(I've done a lot of research) I'm build my first PC after being on consoles my entire life. So this is like PS 5 compared to how I'm used to playing ... My final question is will my PSU suffice because it has great review specifically but everyone seems to be bashing cooler master PSUs and if it will suffice how long till I should get a better one that is 80+ certified?

yes its allways better to get a 80+ psu if you can fit it in (and rember that fx chip has only 3 real cores)

For one of my old builds I used the cheapo PSU that came with the case. It wasn't 80+ but it lasted 3 years.

And for Planetside 2. A sandy bridge dual core can run that game easily... 

Alright so after finalizing everything I was ready to purchase my parts I got to the checkout on new egg and turns out the free 8gb ram with the mobo deal ended the day b4 ... So now I'm faced with the dilemma of whether or not I should even build a PC because after adding ram into the price it went way over budget and apparently the prices for ram these days is only increasing so my question to you guys is should I go ahead and still get the parts paying extra for the ram or wait it off till the prices come back down and will the prices ever come back down for ram or will the settle at a much higher price?

Any advice is appreciated

Any help?