Need help watercooling my gtx 1070 katana by galax

So i have this GPU, KATANA 1070 by galax and i was wondering how i can watercool it, i want to go the aio route and use something like the NZXT Kraken G12 GPU Cooler but im not sure if it will work because of the small pcb size, any help is appreciated.

depending on how good your soldering skills are you can use tightly coiled copper tubing and sheet copper (cut and drilled to match the screw holes and solder the coils to it)
but im sure if you get the dimensions (center to center of the mounting studs) you can probably find a commercial one that will fit it.

the major issue with the type of heatsink shown in the pic is that the fan/ blower forces dust and animal hairs to build up blocking the flow, and requires frequent cleaning (old toothbrush works best)

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Searched a little online found no full cover block for the 1070/ katana version there are some universal gpu blocks that you could use but gddr5 and mos. etc would have be to cooled with little passive heathinks

There are some other options that would be a air cooling it with one of these two

support bracket included

that would be my idea for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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thanks man, i’m considering the Accelero Xtreme IV but my only concern is those 4 ram chips near the gpu i hope they dont come in the way because ill be putting heatsinks on them

don’t know either guess you will have to try it out :smiley: