Need help upgrading my PC

I want to make a my (decent at best) gaming PC run faster. I was thinking about getting a better graphics card but I honestly don't know anything about upgrading or barely even my PC specs :p Any help upgrading my PC would be appreciated and if you need to know anything about my PC tell me (and tell me how to find it out haha) thanks. -Games im playing, FPS (BF3, Metro Last Light, Skyrim, etc.)

Well knowing the specs of your current config would greatly help.

I know i have 8gb of ram and have an AMD FX 4100 quad core processor. I have like basicall no idea where to find all of my specs out that youd want to see 

go to tech power up and get gpu-z, get cpu-z from cupid software

when in doubt post screenshots of each tab in each program

edit: also should probably know what power supply you have, just open up the computer and copy whatever it says on the power supply label

i think all we'd really need to know is, power supply, motherboard (cpu-z), and graphics card (gpu-z)

It doesnt say anything on it haha 


and here

Let me know if there is anything else


get a raspberry pi

Looks like a prebuilt "gaming" PC, correct? 

Don't give out terrible advice like that. The rig he has now is more powerful than a fucking Rpi, and you know that.

Yeah it was from like iBUYPower for like $5-600. I didnt really inspect it much when I bought it

A gpu upgrade should suffice but, you should probably upgrade your cpu aswell if it is in budget.

You might also want to take a look at the psu then; a lot of the time pre-builts skimp on the psu and have dreadful quality

I mean i would like to stay under 300$ but you wouldn't suggest a graphics card upgrade?

"A gpu upgrade should suffice but, you should probably upgrade your cpu aswell if it is in budget."

I said get a gpu and a cpu if budget allows

Maybe OC the 4100 with a hyper 212, and spend the other $265 on a PSU and GPU?

let's assume the psu is decent, and big enough

i'd reccomend a 6300(120ish), 7870/660(been fluctuating quite abit lately, lets say 180), try to sell the 4100 (might sell pretty easily at $50), get a psu if you need one (maybe someone else can walk you through measuring the output?), then if you have any budget left over a decent cooler (dark knight maybe?)

A psu for Nick's suggestion would need to be around 400-500w. Don't say anything higher, or Brennanridell will argue when he finds this post

this psu should suffice, asumming you need to upgrade your current one