Need help tuning ZFS pool and system for media NAS

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So I am using netdata to track statistics and am also noting that file transfers (after fixing the network cable issue) are still only getting ~58MB/s download from server and ~11 MB/s upload to server.
Any thoughts on that? I am not maxing out a single NIC as it seems. Is there a ZFS setting that is leaving perf on the table?

Here are some screenshots of the Netdata info. I am seeing a lot of ZFS prefetch misses (~100%) and some other stats that concern me.
CPU is at ~100% because I have a transcode in handbrake going on in the background.

100% CPU load is not a background process. Don’t use that kind of CPU if you want to do any other stuff on the machine

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well i was trying out an automated handbrake transcode before hooking up my quadro to the server and using that.

If you run a benchmark, you don’t run other stuff. This is all useless information.

but it was that was since before the transcode. I was seeing that just with sftp transfers. minus the 100% cpu load.

On FreeBSD/TrueNAS I use ‘iostat -x -w 5’ to see what each device is up to on average during the 5 sec window of a transaction group. If one of the drives is behaving badly, it would show up there. Not sure if that command is on linux or what the equivalent might be.

Here you can see da1, da3, and da4 are all 100%. These are drives I’m currently wiping, so this is expected for me, but that’s the kind of thing I’d look for to rule out an issue with ZFS or the drives.

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