Need help to edit Minecraft.exe!

I want to edit minecraft.exe to open from my storage drive instead from *AppData\Roaming\.minecraft*

I know that the exe file really is a jar file and can be edited as a java.

Can anyone help?

the .exe is not a jar file. an exe is a compiled binary file. there are two options, the first and easyest would be to download a hex editor, find the string, and modify it. the only problem is, when modifying a hex file, the string you change it to has to be the exact length of the origional string. unless the storage drive is the same number of characters, you will need to disasemble it and then recompile the assembly.

to do this, download the trial for IDA pro, or ollydbg and open the exe. find the path and modify it. then debug it and make sure it works. if it does, recompile the exe and use that.


if its too much of a problem, i might be able to do it for you later in the week / weekend.

ok thank you

The exe i think just leads to the jar file in the appdata with some instuction on how to run it. c:\Users\"username"\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin\minecraft.jar. I just use client jar file I make a .bat file to run it with command line options. It runs exaclty the same way as the executable in practice. You can also just open the .jar file with an arhive editor like 7zip.

If your storage drive is NTFS you could use a symbolic link.

Cut the .minecraft folder from the roaming directory to the location you want it to be then In CMD use the following command replacing directory names as necessary;


<code>mklink /j "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft" "<full path to where you pasted the folder>"</code>


I think that should work for you. 

I use a program called minecraft portable, it makes a minecraft folder wherever you want one so you can have multiple versions of minecraft at the same time including running off of a usb drive.

you can select the location of the .jar you want to use. also handy for putting on mods and allocating memory