Need help repairing an old pc!

OK ok, my dad brought me home a pc to fix because people at work said that it stopped randomly and such, no more details were given. When I tryed to install windows 7 the screen currupted as shown in the pictures. I tryed a second time and the same think happened but at a different time in the installing stage


There are a near infinite number of stupid things that could be wrong with this system. The IGP on the mobo could be blown, if you have a compatable graphics card laying around perhaps you could throw it in and see if that helps. You could also try removing a stick of memory and trying again (if nothing happens try the other one).

Pretty much, you can try to systematically remove possible problems by swapping in components you know that work for ones in the computer and see if it starts working. If you go through every component you can and nothing fixes it, then I'd assume its your mobo or CPU in which case its fucked. 

disable the IGPU and put a dedi in, a IGPU going wonky on the northbridge can cause some problems, my 8200m was causing very similar problems, its the most likely issue, you can also debug the ram

can anyone send me a dedi? Lol I dont own one because my parents arent letting me build my own. But anyways I was thinking it was the graphics too. I guess I could buy like a 30 dollar one and get the whole rig to work then play some games on it lol

best card under 30 bucks


The fact it performs worse than HD 4000 is cringe worthy, but fuck it, it seems you could play UT3 on medium on it and that game is pretty sick!

EDIT: I'd also try to test everything else before sinking $30 into this, the system is barely with that much as it is. 

This is a work computer but, would this be better?

would I need to purchace new ram too?

Figure out the problem first, then spend money if you need to. If the Mobo or CPU is gone this is all for nothing.

If the mobo was gone the pc wouldnt even start right? And it does, now the cpu could have some troubles but it really looks like its a graphics oriented problem

that has less Vram, lower bandwidht 32bit instead of 64bit and even if it was 64 bit it would still be slower, also lacks DX11

Well no, if the mobo had a freaking hole in it the computer wouldn't start, if you have some damaged transitors and whatnot it will boot but not last long. Again, try the easy shit first, like removing a stick of RAM etc, to make sure you don't have one wonky stick of RAM.

k thanks

If I buy a geforce gt 520 do I need any external power or can I plug it into the mobo and its all good and fine. Will 250 wattts be enough to run a gt 520?