Need Help: RAM Question


I currently have an inspiron 620, and I am unhappy with the setup I have at the moment. I am looking to upgrade the RAM in it. I currently have 6 gigabytes of ddr3 RAM. I was looking to upgrade to 16 gigs. I was looking at this RAM: I am afraid of compatability issues, if you can help/ have any RAM suggestions, it would be appreciated.

You have 1x4gb and 1x2gb 1333 mhz ram right? The mobo you have is the GDG8Y but i have no clue what the specs on it are. I hope i helped.

So would the ram be compatable?

You need to figure out if getting more RAM will actually improve your performance before you decide on that. 6 gigs is a decent amount. I have 8 and never really go up to higher than 50%(Thats with duel monitors using multiple programs too)
Basically ram will only improve your performance if the program(s) you use need more ram. Or if you get higher speed modules, but the performance increase will be hardly noticable and dealing with ram incombatibility is a bitch.

is this your mobo?

edit; after reading more about it, I kind of want to suggest just taking the cpu out and dumping the mobo in the river, then maybe look at getting a new one with actual RAM, not imposter ram :(

What do you mean exactly?

He means just buy a new motherboard and RAM accordingly. We can help you with picking one out.