Need help planing a gaming build under 1000$

Hey guys! I'm hoping to get into pc gaming but my current computer is just a paper weight....literally. I'm a complete noobie when it comes to building computers. Can you people with a few pc's under your belts recommend a quality build for under 1000$ that will last a few years(as in very upgradable)? Thanx for all your help and I look forward to seeing and considering your builds. Oh and I dont intend to overclock and I enjoy emulating games, rpg's (like fable 2) and skyrim, just put a little context to it.

This is my build its a little under 1000:


Motherboard (mobo):Gigabyte Ga-990FX or asrock 990FX extreme 3

RAM:corsair vengeance 8gb (2 sticks x 4gb) or if you cant find it the most common is the Kingston grey sticks

GPU:Radeon HD 7850 7870 or 7950 wold be nice for your build

HDD:Western Digital caviar blue 1TB Seagate barracuda 1TB

PSU (power supply):Corsair TX 650 or Seasonic m12 II just dont get a PSU under 500 and keep it 80+ bronze or up

Case:Well thats is your choice but i recommend NZXT source 210 for a cheap build and corsairs obsidian

I think you will be able to play everything on max settings exept some games like crysis and metro i think.

this is about 800-900$ and this is just a starter because i dont know what you can afford and what you can or cant get so these are just examples! Good luck :)



Thanx. I'll look into it. I just need good examples so when next tax season comes along ill be able to know what to look for .

Here is the best PC for your budget:

I've give you all of the solid parts!! Hope you like it!

EnJoY :)